lunedì 3 novembre 2014

The new catalogs of Fisiotek LT-G and Fisiotek LT-P: elbow and wrist's passive rehabilitation

New Fisiotek LT for elbow and wrist:
Fisiotek LT-G & Fisiotek LT-P

Are now available the new catalogs: if you are interested to receive 
a copy, please write at

Fisiotek LT-G

Fisiotek LT-P

We also remember that both the models will presented and exhibited
at Medica 2014 - stand H37, hall 4

giovedì 17 luglio 2014

New Fisiotek LT-G and Fisiotek LT-P for elbow and wrist passive rehabilitation

New Fisiotek LT for elbow and wrist:
Fisiotek LT-G & Fisiotek LT-P

As part of the series for the upper limb, we have introduced Fisiotek LT-G for elbow and Fisiotek LT-P for the wrist, enriching the line with two new devices completely dedicated to a respective joint.

Both of the models have been though to be used with the patient in sitting position.

Every model has the possibility to program the R.O.M. referring on a precise scale reported on the rotor, which help to set the angle of work: this adjustment is made electro-mecanically and differently from left to right limb.

The scales of reference for each movement can be found reading the colour and switching the cursors along the rotor, up to the programming of an angle of work.
In the images below, we see the coloured scales for each movement:

For the elbow:
- pronation - supination
- flexion - extension

For the wrist:
- ulnar-radial deviation
- flexion - extension 

Pic. 1 - Scales for elbow's movement
Pic. 2 - Scales for wrist's movements

To positionate the patient, it's possible to adjust the height of the device sliding the pin along the bar and inserting it in a free splint (Pic. 3): then, to lock the position, it's necessary to tighten the black knobs (Pic. 4).

Pic. 3 - System to adjust the height
Pic. 4 - Knobs to lock the position in height

Available movements for Fisiotek LT-G

Pronation-Supination: the arm have to stay adducted at 90° to the body of the patient and perfectly in-line with the center of rotation of the device (Pic. 5, red line)

Pic. 6 - Alignment of the arm to
the center of rotation
Pic. 5 - Correct position of the arm for
elbow pronation-supination's movement

Flexion-Extension: the bicep has to lean against the plastic support and the hand has to grab the handgrip. The handgrip for the hand can be slid along its rail.

For this movement, it's necessary to verify the correspondence of the elbow's joint to the center of rotation of the device. Even in this case it's preferable to keep the arm adducted  at 90° to the body, in order to be sure to make move the elbow and not the shoulder.

Pic. 7 - Correct position of the arm for
elbow flexion-extension's movement

Available movements for Fisiotek LT-P

Flexion-Extension: with the arm adducted to the body and the forearm leant against the support, the hand has to be "locked" between the two handgrips of the accessory.  In this case the joint of the wrist has to be aligned with the center of rotation of the device.

Pic. 8 - Correct position of the arm for
wrist flexion-extension's movement

Ulnar-radial deviation:  the position of the arm is the same as it as of the movement of flexion-extension, but in this case the hand has to be fixed with the straps against the black support, which is mounted between the two handgrips (Pic. 10)

Pic. 9 - Correct position of the arm for
wrist ulnar-radial deviation's movement
Pic. 10 - Correct assembling of the accessory
for wrist ulnar-radial deviation's movement 

martedì 3 giugno 2014

Gli studenti di Ingegneria Biomedica dell'Università di Padova in visita allo stand Rimec ad Exposanità 2014

Exposanità 2014
Bologna, May 21st-24th

Durate il primo giorno di apertura dell'ultima edizione di Exposanità, il Prof. Giulio Rosati e gli studenti del corso di Fondamenti di Meccanica del corso di laurea treinnale in Ingegneria Biomedica (Università di Padova), hanno fatto visita allo stand Rimec per osservare da vicino il funzionamento dei mobilizzatori C.P.M.

Il corso di Fondamenti di Meccanica frequentato dagli studenti, tratta lo studio della cinematica e statica dei meccanismi articolari piani; gli studenti hanno infatti potuto cogliere nei mobilizzatori passivi un esempio dell'utilizzo dei meccanismi articolati piani.

In basso alcune immagini dei momenti della visita.

Ringraziamo il Prof. Rosati per le informazioni fornite.

venerdì 30 maggio 2014

Exposanità exhibition: 19th editition from 21st to 24th May 2014

Exposanità 2014
Bologna, May 21st-24th

Exposanità: the biannual and unique Italian International Health Care Exhibition dedicated to health care and assistance.

This year, during the 19th edition of Exposanità, Rimec has presented the new models of Fisiotek series for elbow and wrist.

We would like to thank all the visitors, customers and partners who passed through our stand!!

See you on Exposanita 2016!

The new Fisiotek C.P.M. devices: Fisiotek LT for elbow and wrist

New Fisiotek LT for elbow and wrist

Fisiotek LT - G 
(elbow version)

Fisiotek LT - P
(wrist version)

Rimec has introduced the new C.P.M. devices dedicated to the single joints of elbow and wrist.

These products enrich Fisiotek series for upper limb, being though to treat only elbow and wrist's articulations with the most important movements of each one.

Infact, the new products, Fisiotek LT-G and Fisiotek LT-P can treat:
1) for the elbow
- flexion/extension: 0° to 150°
- pronation/supination: 90° ; 0° ; 90°

2) for the wrist
- flexion/extension: 80° ; 0° ; 80°
- ulnar/radial deviation: 20° ; 0° ; 30°

To program the device, it's necessary to set the range of movement on the rotor (referring to the provided coloured scales) fixing the cursors; during the movement, it's possible to adjust the speed, through the external potentiometer.

The device can work with the cable of the power supply or with the battery and the patient must to stay in sitting position.

If you are intested to discover more about these models, visit or write us!

giovedì 15 maggio 2014

New models of Fisiotek series

Rimec introduces new products

On the occasion of Exposanità exhibition, from 21st to 24th of May in Bologna, Rimec presents the new products which enrich Fisiotek series.

Two new models built with high-engineered features able to grant the usual reliability of Fisiotek products and an high durability during the years, also for intensive uses both at professional and domestic level.

We invite all our customers and partners to come through our booth (STAND A36 - HALL 22) to discover the new devices and receive all the necessary information: our staff will be pleased to show you the highlights of these products.

19th International Health Care Exhibition
Bologna, 21-22-23-24 May 2014
Bologna Fair District 

Rimec's booth: stand A36 - "Horus" hall 22

venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

Arab Health Exhibition 2014 - video-interview in collaboration with HMedical and Honegger

Arab Health 2014
Dubai, UAE 
Dubai World Trade Centre

A very special thanks to :

Here below you can watch the video-interview made at our stand
to Dr. Federico Carroli, Sales Consultant of Rimec S.r.l.

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

Arab Health Exhibition 2014

Arab Health 2014
Dubai, UAE 
Dubai World Trade Centre
Rimec thanks all the participants and the visitors passed
through our booth!

Confirming its reputation, the 2014 edition of Arab Health Exhibition has lured thousands of visiors from all over the world: Rimec has taken part, as its 14th presence, exhibiting in the Italian Pavillion organised by Honegger.

Here below follow some of the pictures taken from Monday 27th to Thursday 30th: