venerdì 30 maggio 2014

The new Fisiotek C.P.M. devices: Fisiotek LT for elbow and wrist

New Fisiotek LT for elbow and wrist

Fisiotek LT - G 
(elbow version)

Fisiotek LT - P
(wrist version)

Rimec has introduced the new C.P.M. devices dedicated to the single joints of elbow and wrist.

These products enrich Fisiotek series for upper limb, being though to treat only elbow and wrist's articulations with the most important movements of each one.

Infact, the new products, Fisiotek LT-G and Fisiotek LT-P can treat:
1) for the elbow
- flexion/extension: 0° to 150°
- pronation/supination: 90° ; 0° ; 90°

2) for the wrist
- flexion/extension: 80° ; 0° ; 80°
- ulnar/radial deviation: 20° ; 0° ; 30°

To program the device, it's necessary to set the range of movement on the rotor (referring to the provided coloured scales) fixing the cursors; during the movement, it's possible to adjust the speed, through the external potentiometer.

The device can work with the cable of the power supply or with the battery and the patient must to stay in sitting position.

If you are intested to discover more about these models, visit or write us!

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