martedì 9 aprile 2013

Fisiotek 3000 - the new CPM mobilizer for passive rehabilitation of hip and knee

The customization of the therapy in your hands...

Fisiotek 3000:
 your point of reference for passive rehabilitation
Fisiotek 3000 is the new CPM device from Rimec - all rights reserved


Rimec open the doors to a new line of CPM, Fisiotek 3000.
The new series of CPM devices will be composed by 5 models, with differents programming features.
What's new? Not only new points of design, but a completely new philosophy for what Passive rehabilitation is concerned.
The patient is now involved actively with the physiotherapist.
Thanks to the new mobile programming keyboard, the patient can be charged of responsibilities and can now take part, with the doctor, to the effective recovery of the mobility.
Concernig the planning, new raw materials have been used, like the aluminium and the alloy steel: as a result, Fisiotek 3000 weights only 9,5 kilos and the frame has changed with the aim to provide more easyness of use and excellent flexibility.
The new design of the programming consolle helps to program the device:
- new graphic symbols helps you to choose between the different features;
- the new cognitive display resume you, during the session, the most important parameters;
- the structure of the control panel has been created to be intuitive;
Something more? Of course.
The frame is fixed, if we have to change the limb to rehabilitate, we don't need to screw something (as the precursor Fisiotek 2000).
In addition, the footplate can be adjusted, in order to welcome the need os those patient who can not keeo the ankle in a erect position.
Do you want to discover Fisiotek 3000?
Visit and check Rimec's promotional events.  

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