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Passive rehabilitation of upper limbs: Fisiotek HP2 - completeness and effectiveness in an unique device

Fisiotek HP2: your partner for passive rehabilitation of upper joints

Fisiotek HP2 has met, since its creation, good appreciations by the health care and health professional's world. For reasons that are connected to quality, Fisiotek HP2 has demonstrated, during years, an excellent reliability and precision in the final results.
A creation of Rimec, Fisiotek HP2 has been studied with the aim to cover a wide range of needs in passive rehabilitation, especially because it cover all the major upper joint as shoulder, elbow and wrist (Picture 2).
Only one device for physical therapy: it has been designed in order to provide a complete solution for whom that treat different patologies (surgical's one or not surgical) for the upper limbs: this is only thanks to the wide choice of accessories that are available (as optional) for this device. 
Flexibility: it gives the possibility to operate both with patient in seated than in supine position. This is an excellent point of beginning, because it provide more confortable position for the patient. This possibility is enriched by the wheeled carriage, which allow to move the device everywhere.
Wide range of movement: being able to treat all the major upper joints, Fisiotek HP2 cover the complete physiological range through differents movements for each articulation (Picture 1):
- Shoulder: elevation - adduction/abduction - rotation (internal/external)
- Elbow: flexion/extension - pronation/supination
- Wrist: deviation - flexion/extension
Picture 1

Customization: this CPM device boast the opportunity to treat differents patient, even if they don't have to follow the same rehab session. Thanks to the Memory Card system, Fisiotek HP2 offer data memorization of all the parameters set; for this reason, it's possible to have one card for each patient.
Precision and reliability: HP2 mobilizer offers excellent stability thanks to the weight.
It's precise, because it uses a pointer laser for the correct correspondence with the rotation centers of the joints, and extremely reliable over time, because it not requires periodical maintenance or checks.
Fisiotek HP2 is available for customers who have physiotherapy centers, rehab clinics, physical therapy structures, and for all the professionals in Rehab field who need a perfect combination between quality, durability and reliability.

Picture 2

Picture 3

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