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The partnership of Rimec and Terre Solidali Onlus for disabled children in Kenya

Rimec supports "Naro Moru Disabled Children Home"
Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries in the world victim since years of an elevate rate of children who suffer of different kind of disablities.

This condition obstacle, and sometimes do not permit them to count on self-consciousness and self-esteem which are necessary in order to involve an active role in the society.
In addition, the shortage of medical-rehabilitative devices and supports keep more difficulties for the re-introduction in the society, amplifying the gap which separe them from a three-square and a respectable condition.

The association and onlus "Terre Solidali" (website) has launched in 2011 this project of Theatrical Physiotherapy (the project), mixing physical-rehabilitative aspects with contents of incentive to social and human opening in order to push these 100 children involved to continue believing in themselves to occupy a live and creative position in the society.

The project is started from "Naro Moru Disabled Children's Home", a structure that from 1982 offers services as orthopedic surgery and rehabilitative assistance to children from 0 to 14 years old: the home is equipped with clinical laboratories and rehabilitation rooms with medical devices and orthopedic equipment (image 1)

(image 1)
Rimec has contributed to the project supplying a device for passive rehabilitation of lower limbs, Fisiotek passive mobilizer (image 2).
Children have been treated with Fisiotek unit especially for joint injuries of the knee.


(image 2)
A very special thanks is addressed to Mr. Dario Zecchini for the support received, and to all the staff at Naro Moru Disabled Children's Home.


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