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The history of Rimec

Once upon a time...
it was 1980 when Rimec borned
1980: Rimec starts the activity manufacturing
metal sheets for car parts.
After a plan of industrial reconversion, it changes face
and becomes the first Italian producer of medical CPM devices and
orthopedic first aid equipment

(picture 1)
The first series of CPM mobilizers, Fisiotek 6000, Fisiotek 1000, Fisiotek UNO
(picture 1)


 The first battery drill for the introduction of Kirschner's wires, KR30 (picture 2)
                                                        (picture 2)
 The first model of AS20 (picture 3), the vacuum cleaner for plaster dust: initially, the vacuum cleaner were positioned on a trolley with a service shelf

         (picture 3)

(picture 4)
Fisiotek S series (picture 4), more ergonomic and lighter
swith-on button and power connector in rear side

(picture 5)
In the same year were launched HAL3000 (picture 5), an ergonomic oscillating saw
for plaster cast removal equipped with blades for normal and syntethic plaster

(picture 6)

                         (picture 7)                                                                              (picture 8) 
Fisiotek HP for upper limbs: panel control unit with potentiometers,
(pictures 6 and 7)
standard programmable features
patient remote control with Emergency button
(picture 8)

Fisiotek HP has represented an important breakthrough for passive rehabilitation of the shoulder: a flexible device combining the possibility to rehabilitate shoulder, elbow and wrist

                                                  (picture 9)
 From KR30 to KR2000: new outfit and design,
 bushes of different diameters of the wires
 battery charge check
 (picture 9)


(picture 10)
Fisiotek F series: the programming panel were thought with potentiometers.
Switch-on button and power connector were moved in front side 
(picture 10)


(picture 11)
                               (picture 12)                                                                     (picture 13)

 Fisiotek HP grows and become Fisiotek HP2: new digital panel control an display,
 (pictures 11 and 12) 
 new programmables features, memory card for patient data recording,
 new patient remote control with START & STOP button
(picture 13)

always in 2002...

(picture 14)

 Fisiotek series change aspect and evolve into Fisiotek 2000 line: from potentiometers
 to digital panel control, possibility to have memory card for patient data storage,
 new and improved programmable features (picture 14 and 15)
 As for others Fisiotek devices, patient remote control with START & STOP button
(picture 13)

 (picture 15)


The line is enriched and completed by 6 models, which cover all the lower limbs:

- Fisiotek 2000 GS
- Fisiotek 2000 G
- Fisiotek 2000 TS
- Fisiotek 2000 T
- Fisiotek 2000 E
- Fisiotek 2000 N

 Fisiotek 2000 line has received the greatest world-wide welcome by the professionals of physiotherapy and rehabilitation: this is confirmed by the high share of setups and the
excellent and recognised reputation of the quality of the devices.


Fisiotek LT cames out to complete the series for shoulder's rehabilitation: the need of the market to have a practical device for the shoulder were welcomed with this model, which is always appreciated for professional purposes but also for domestic use (see our article about Fisiotek LT on this blog.

On Youtube you can enjoy our new video: the story of Fisiotek, since the beginning of Rimec activity!

Rimec doesn't stop... soon are coming new ideas and new points of view... STAY TUNED



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