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Total Knee Arthroplasty - the effectiveness of the new features of Fisiotek 3000 line

NASM - North Austin Sports Medicine

** This article has been taken from the site of NASM, North Austin Sports Medicine, an Orthopedic Clinic for Sports Injury Rehabilitation.

A brief comment on the effectiveness in using the CPM therapy for post-operative treatments after surgery. There are several clinical studies which support not evident results in the use of CPM units, as they not provide significant advanatages to the patient.

What is important to know? CPM therapy is NOT used in order to take an evaluation of the joint, but to take care of it reducing pain and edema, and facilitate the healing of scars.

 What is clinically sure, is that CPM rehabilitation provide a faster recovery to the patient, but is always recommended to be careful and to keep care of the clinical picture of the patient.

About this point, Fisiotek 3000 has been developped especially to customize the therapy for each patient with reference to the rehabilitative specifications that he has to follow.

The new feature "Limit to automatic flexion/extension increase" is studied in order to choose the ROM desidered, working within a limit and avoiding to force the joint.

""Transcutaneous oxygen tension of the skin near the incision for total knee replacement has been shown to decrease significantly after the knee is flexed more than 40 degrees. Therefore, a CPM rate of 1 cycle per minute and a maximal flexion limited to 40 degrees for the first 3 days is recommended. (...)""

In this case, the patient should work, in the first 3 days, within 40° in flexion; it means that he can increase the degrees up to 40° and then start to work over.
In the pictures below , the menu's page of the feature just mentioned, both for flexion and extension movements.

Like example, we can program:

- Extension 20° ; Flexion 100°

- Automatic extension increase 1°
- Automatic flexion increase 1°

- Limit to automatic extension increase 15°
- Limit to automatic flexion increase 115°

The CPM unit will work increasing 1° every 3 cycles on both the movements, up the reaching of the limit programmed.
"Limit to automatic extension/flexion increase" works only if the automatic increase is setted equal or longer than 0.2°.

Limit to automatic flexion increase at 115°

Limit to automatic extension increase at 15°

...Soon available the new Fisiotek 3000 series of CPM mobilizers!

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