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Fisiotek LT - your partner for passive rehabilitation of the shoulder

Fisiotek LT
your partner for passive rehabilitation of the shoulder
The increasing number of installations of Fisiotek LT
shows an excellent usefulness for shoulder's rehab
Since its creation, Fisiotek LT has been thought to be a simple device for passive rehabilitation of the shoulder, as it as the recent technological breakthrough of surgical techniques require to recover the mobility briefly and easily.
Always more structures for rehabilitation and physiotherapy services require to have a CPM device for the shoulder able to work in every condition, in case of a young sportman or in case of an old patient who have to recover after an intervention of joint replacement.; in this cases, the device "come near the patient" accepting to work in all the scapular plans of the shoulder.
Following what is required by most of the standard rehab protocols for the shoulder, Fisiotek LT permit to have available all the complete range of movements, like elevation, adduction/abduction, and internal/external rotation.
Which are the differences between LT and the others model on the market?
1) no limits of space for patient positioning: in addition to seated position, it's possible to treat in supine position which is preferable because it provides a more comfortable posture;
2) no pre-installed programs but simple setting of parameters and features: manual reset of the parameters for movement's changing;
3) greatest facility without give results up;
4) availability of all the most important movements required in a rehabilitation protocol of the shoulder, as the elevation, the adduction/abduction, the internal-external rotation;
Following recent statements, it's appeared that Fisiotek LT can provide excellents results both in the post-operative period after orthopeadic surgery, both for physiotherapy programs after joints injuries.
Fisiotek LT is also appreciated for domestic use; often patients dismissed from hospitals, are expected to follow a passive rehabilitation's program for maximum 3 weeks after the intervention.
In effect, boasting the possibility to work with batteries, Fisiotek LT is also appreciated for its versatility; it can be used also with a 12V battery, rechargeable in 1 hour, and able to work for 2 hours and 30 min. Alternatively, it can work with a current cable.
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