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The rehabilitative value of Fisiotek HP2, the CPM for shoulder, elbow and wrist

Fisiotek HP2 : clinical considerations,
rehabilitative value and effectiveness for the patient
...not only a claim... "Fisiotek comes near the patient"
Always more clinical situations have as protagonist the shoulder, that's usually the target for traumatic pathologies or inflammations.
One of the elements for the identification of the pathology is, without doubts, joint stiffness with limitation of the R.O.M., with pain.
All the protocol's treatments after a pathology or after a surgical intervention, have the aim to recover the articular range, the more possible close to physiological values.
The recovery of the R.O.M., apart from mobilization in narcosis, is made through methodologies of passive mobilization applied in 2 ways:
1) manual passive mobilization provided by the physiotherapist;
2) continuous passive mobilization, using a mechanic mobilizer;
Now we analyse in detail both the techniques:
Manual passive mobilization: 
Manual passive mobilization
-It can be modulate with reference to the opposite resistance applied
-It can be applied with adaptability to the patient
-Unsettled ROM, not being measurable in the implementation step
-Inapplicable for long periods
-Unsettled as working speed

...and Continuous passive mobilization:

Continuous passive mobilization
-the ROM programmed fit with the clinical frame
-Unlimited time
-Not enough power
-Impossibility to be applied to patients in supine position
-Usually there’s a side of the body obligated

Thinking to disadvantages of Continuous passive mobilization, we would be forced to think that it could be better to leave to use CPM devices, relying the passive phase of the rehabilitation to the physiotherapist.
At this point, Fisiotek HP2 is the solution for all the disadvantages over mentioned:
- with the programming software is it possible to program a constant and measurable ROM, with a running speed and a fixed time of work, without intermediate steps or stops;
- no more problems for body's positioning, as Fisiotek HP2 adapt itself to a wide range of situations, depending on patient conditions.
Continuous passive mobilization with Fisiotek HP2 helps also to measure the progressive increase of the R.O.M., taking memory (if required) of patient's improvements, thanks to the Memory Card (if you are interested about this theme, please visit**).
In conclusion, Fisiotek HP2 has been recognised, during years, as an excellent device in rehabilitative protocols for shoulder rehabilitation, boasting the possibility to work over all the 3 plans of the shoulder, covering wide physiological ranges. 
(**) is a blog for the comparison of the main important models of CPM devices for shoulder rehabilitation from the main  famous manufacturers of all over the world.
In this case, our attention is focused on an article which take into consideration different systems and phylosophies for data storage of patient parameters.

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