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The correct positioning of the limb for Fisiotek HP2, the shoulder CPM from Rimec

The correct positioning of the limb is the preface for an effective rehabilitation
Positioning of the arm on Fisiotek HP2
The prerequisite of a correct rehabilitation is surely the positioning of the limb. In this case, we analyse passive rehabilitation of the shoulder with Fisiotek HP2.
In order to provide a correct positioning of the limb, firstly it's necessary  to measure the arm from the shoulder to the elbow, and report the lenght on the scale of the mechanical arm (the maximum lenght accepted is 38 cm).
After the programming of the device through the consolle, it's possible to positionate the limb: as Fisiotek devices have been developed in order to "come near the patient", a correct alignement close to patient body is required, even for a more comfortable position.

This is possible thanks to simple but smart details :

1) adjustment of the grade (see picture 1)
2) adjustment of the height (see picture 1)
3) laser pointer (see picture 2)

1) system for bend the

2) system for the adjust
     of the height

                        3) laser pointer

            Picture 1                                                                                                    Picture 2

Grade is fondamental in Fisiotek HP2, because it's necessary for the correctness of the movement.
In fact, bending the device permits to modify the work of field and choose the one we need: so, if we have a patient in supine position, we have to bend the device horizontally with respect to his body (like for elevation movement).
As result, patient feel a comfortable position, providing muscle relaxing.

Height have to be adjusted with reference to the distance between patient's shoulder and the floor (in centimeters). The control knob raise or lower the device up to the requested height

Laser pointer is generally employed in couple with the system for the adjustment of the height, because in the same time it's necessary also to center the rotation's point of the shoulder.

After a correct review of all this point, we can positionate patient's limb and start the session; before it, it's always compulsory to tighten the straps of the accessories and ask to the patient if he feel well all the grips and the arm support.

Picture 3

In picture 3 is shown the external rotation movement in supine position.

The body of Fisiotek HP2 is bent up to 60°, near the patient, allowing to work on an horizontal scapular plan, which relax shoulder's muscle.

Picture 4
In picture 4 we see the elevation movement in supine position.
The ROM  5° - 180° covered by Fisiotek HP2 for shoulder's elevation can be reproduced also in supine position: obviously, changing the degrees of bending, we modify the work of field and the consequent movement, which can results smaller or bigger (pictute 5).
Here below (picture 5) an example of different setting of Fisiotek HP2 for various movements: when changes the grade of Fisiotek HP2's body, it changes also the work of field (angle), in spite of the scapular plan which is different for each positions.
Picture 5
In the graphic representation over mentioned, we see that the body of Fisiotek HP2 is bent in three different ways, depending on the position of the patient and the movement to do.


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